Eco Fitness

Eco Fitness Now Open! Eco Fitness is revolutionising fitness and bringing the fun back to workouts. This new boutique fitness gym cum health club in Eco Botanic City offers facilities for sports, professional fitness and family. Classes currently available include a variety of fitness classes, Tabata, Vinyasa Yoga and Aerial Yoga. Why not let Eco Fitness get you back on the fitness track?

「时尚健身:我们以后来这里约!」 Eco Fitness 健身房是个设备完善的健身房,为了客人的舒适度而设计。健身课程内容包括空中瑜伽,tabata等等。舒服的环境让客户能安心享受挥洒汗水,在此运动,身心,心灵都将获得全面舒畅。Eco Fitness时尚健身,我们以后来这里约!