珖综泰 Guang Zong Tai

Guang Zong Tai opened their third branch in Eco Botanic City. The restaurant serves traditional kway teow kia, which consists of pork and well-cleaned offal braised in a savoury herbal stock till tender. The braised meat and offal are eaten with soupy bowls of slender flat rice noodles.

美食尽在珖综泰!珖综泰 独家秘制粿条仔,来自马六甲的家传秘方。细嫩滑溜的粿条,淋上以祖传秘方制成带有丝丝药材味的汤汁,再搭配清爽不油腻的卤味配料,让食客吃得停不了口。