Hair Vogue Studio

For many years, Hair Vogue Studio has served thousands of customers, each with unique needs just like you. Whether you are looking for a daring makeover or a professional look, talk to our professional stylists. They’ll be inspired by your vision so that you’ll walk out our doors with a new, confident look. Hair Vogue Studio is here to help you! Call us at +607 5964989 to make an appointment.

Hair Vogue Studio成立多年以来,坚决使用外国进口的高档产品来服务顾客,给顾客享受最热情且最专业的理发体验。在开始做任何护理/美发之前,理发师们都会细心的检查每位顾客的发质后推荐适合的服务,并在每个过程耐心介绍所使用的产品。 想换换造型可以拨店至 +607 5964989预约。