IKar 一家特式鱼头米

If you are a fan of fish-oriented dishes, fish head noodles should be on your must-have gastronomic checklist. At Ikar, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the restaurant’s extensive offerings of soup varieties such as creamy cheese, pumpkin, wasabi ginger, spicy hot, spicy sour and more. If you more of a traditional eater, the basic fish paste noodle is good enough for a simple yet fulfilling meal!

闻名吉隆坡的 IKar 一家特式鱼头米终于来到Eco Botanic City。店家依旧坚持现点现煮,使用大量鱼骨和鸡骨熬煮的汤底,汤头更要吸附了饱满的鱼肉精华,不仅鱼肉新鲜嫩滑,喝起来才会鲜甜顺口。再配上纯米浆制作的特级粗米粉,光是传统原味就已收获众多好评。然而店家还推出了超过十多种的汤底:香郁金瓜、传统风味、砂拉越黑胡椒、四川酸辣,及最受食客喜爱的招牌芝士。