Piring Mu

PIRINGMU celebrates the Peranakan rich culture and its heritage – the vibrant flavours of salty, sweet, sour and spicy are combined to create an unforgettable experience for the palate. While adhering to the culinary guiding principles of our forefathers, PiringMu is adapting to the dynamics of dining out in the 21st century, using technology and social media to completely transform the restaurant experience. Come to PiringMu today for a rich culinary journey where each dish has a story to tell.

不需要开车到马六甲,现在在Eco Botanic City也能吃到正宗的娘惹菜肴了。Piring Mu延续传统娘惹文化,除了经典的娘惹糕点之外,这里的娘惹咖喱叻沙、仁当鸡班兰椰浆饭、娘惹Cendol以及各种传统的炸物小吃等也是不容错过的。