The Banana Leaf Kitchen

Just take some time and admire the picture below, it’s a beauty. Now are you in a hurry for curry? Drop the worry and head to The Banana Leaf Kitchento get your craving fixed. We serve a verdant leaf generously piled with a mound of white rice, accompanied by complimentary vegetables, resoundingly crunchy papadams and curries of your choice!

喜爱吃香蕉叶饭的你绝对不能错过位于Eco Botanic City的The Banana Leaf Kitchen。店内实用食材及香料带着浓浓的印度风味,香喷喷的白饭配上几种配菜,再淋上香浓的咖喱酱汁,十分好吃! 周末也备有自助餐服务,让你一次吃到饱!