The Five

The Five serves a variety of delicious yet healthy dishes that not only contain less oil and salt, but are full of different nutritious ingredients. The Five not only serves brown rice, but also different types of pasta or macaroni. If you don’t know what to try first, we recommend the Chicken Breast Sandwich.

The Five餐厅, 烹调手法不仅少油少盐, 还搭配不同蔬菜,比如说炒菇、四季豆、花椰菜、番茄、鸡蛋和鸡肉,让你吃得更健康。除了米饭,这里也售卖不同种类的意大利面或通心粉。另外,店里售卖的「鸡胸肉三明治」是必点的食物之一!