Wan Masak Family Café

Only a parent can truly understand the meaning of dining dramas and mealtime challenges. At Wan Masak Family Café, parents can enjoy their alone or couple time as their kids will be so busy at the play area complete with slides, ball pool, carousel, toys, among others. It’s a clean and hygienic place for both mealtimes and playtimes!

Wán Masak親子Café,讓爸爸妈妈帶著孩子出門放風也能擁有幸福感。 給孩子最有感的「五感」陪伴~我們相信美學教育應該從小開始,充滿美感的設計元素是培養孩子美學概念的接觸點,小至餐點設計、大至洗手間、遊樂區等的構造,甚至是零星的裝飾性小細節,都是經過我們精心設計和挑選搭配,給大朋友小朋友們「視覺」、「觸覺」、「味覺」、「嗅覺」、「聽覺」等不同感官體驗。