Midtown Café

The Midtown Café has a very cozy environment, which is very suitable for couples and groups of friends looking for an inviting place for a meal and a little chat. The extensive menu encompasses salads, snacks, pizza, pasta, seafood platters, various steaks and more. Overall, it is a young and modern pub concept plus nice ambiance and good live music.

Midtown 的店内环境舒适,非常适合情侣和一群好友到这里聚餐聊天来个小微醺。每个周五都会有驻唱嘉宾,让大家可以在轻松的环境下与朋友畅谈。这里的食物选择众多,从沙拉、小吃、披萨、意大利面、海鲜拼盘再到各种扒类,都能让你瞬间食指大动。