Tien Tien Yogurt

Like its name which means “every day”, Tien Tien Yogurt is a drink that is healthy enough to drink every day. They combine fruits and cereals with fresh natural yogurt to create a delicious yet healthy drink that will replace the current trend of chewing bubbles and drinking milk tea experience. They pledge that every cup contains yogurt that has been made in the best traditional style, the best cereals and freshest fruits, as we always believe in the power of natural.

不穷,边嚼着黑糖珍珠边喝着奶茶已经是年轻消费群正在追求的潮流趋势,可是天天酸奶觉得手不离奶茶的举动可能会导致一些健康的问题出现。 因此,在高度饱和的饮料市场中,他们相信健康与果谷类结合的概念,选择采用营养含量高的水果和谷类加入每天现做的新鲜好酸奶中,取代现今趋势喜欢边嚼边喝的快感,带来独特的饮料体验。他们承诺每一杯酸奶都遵循最好的制作传统,挑选最上乘的谷类和最新鲜的水果,因为他们始终相信.纯粹的力量,将健康,创意和陪伴融入你的日常生活。 天天酸奶,不仅仅是一杯饮料,更是一个陪伴,一个形影不离的温暖,让你“ 天天精彩”。