See Family Recipe

See Family Recipe is synonymous with value economy rice! There are different dishes every day, so you have different surprises each day. The restaurant recently launched a special daily stir-fried set meal. The menu also includes Sin Chew rice noodles, Hokkien noodles, Korean fried rice, Sichuan fried rice, curry chicken rice, sweet and sour pork rice, Mami chicken rice and other dishes are waiting for your visit

想吃饭的时候别忘了施家小厨的超值经济饭套餐!每天都有不同的菜色,让你天天都有不同的惊喜!如今他们家也推出了特别小炒套餐。 星洲米粉、福建面、韩式炒饭,、四川炒饭、咖喱鸡饭、咕噜肉饭、妈蜜鸡饭等等菜式, 就在等候您的光临。