United Language Centre

At ULC, we are committed to providing English lessons of the highest quality in Johor Bahru. We strive to create a friendly, comfortable atmosphere which will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and speak a second language with confidence! Our goal is not only to provide you with a place to improve your English, but to provide you with a place where you can meet and make new friends! We are truly building a language learning community. Whether you are a housewife, businessman or anything in between, you will find yourself at home here at United Language Centre .

在ULC,我们承诺提供最高质量的语言课程,在友好,舒适的氛围里, 使您走出自己的安乐窝,信心十足地讲第二语言!我们的目标不仅是为您提供提升英语能力的场所,更是为您提供认识新朋友的地方!我们真正建立的是一个语言学习社区,在这里,无论您是家庭主妇、商务人士或以任何身份,您都会感到宾至如归。