Eduwis Preschool

Eduwis Preschool is a well-known preschool franchise brand in Malaysia. Built on the basis of integrating 8 famous educationists’ approaches, Eduwis is famously known for its thematic integrated learning activity based syllabus. Eduwis strives to provide the best early childhood education experience by providing affordable quality education for all children.

Eduwis 提供有效能和高素质的幼儿启蒙教育广泛的在全马普及化.Eduwis 拥有1600项全方位学习活动,包括必学之课 - 钢琴课,以协助激发与增强孩子们的身心发展。我们深信每个幼儿都有无穷及独特的学习潜能,并能做得最好。