Coffee Bean

Every cup of beverage is unique. It is a composition of the highest quality blend, the right mix of powders, and an equally passionate barista who will cater to your every need. And not to forget the most important ingredient of all, lots and lots of love. That's why at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®, we are committed to giving you the best experience that only you deserve.

每杯饮料都是独一无二的。 它是由最高质量的咖啡豆研磨而成,适合并恰当的咖啡豆和耐心的咖啡师组成的,可以满足您的各种需求, 当然其中最重要的成分还是满满的爱心和耐心。 因此,在Coffee Bean and TeaLeaf®,我们致力于为您提供最好的体验,只因您值得拥有。