Four Eighty Eight High Tech City

Four Eighty Eight High Tech City is a professional IT and hardware service shop that carries computers, notebooks, accessories as well as several PC gaming brands. We also provide a computer repair service. Do visit Four Eighty Eight where our experienced and professional sales staff will help guide you to the right products for your needs.

Four Eghty Eight是一家提供专业的IT和电脑硬件维修及服务的商店,售卖各式品牌的电脑和笔记型电脑,也提供专业电脑维修服务。 如果您正在寻找新的电脑或笔记型电脑,可以在官方脸书留言或者到本店询问更多详细资料, 了解更多各个牌子的信息, 购买适合自己需求的电脑或笔记型电脑。如果您正在寻找PC或笔记本电脑的维修服务, 我们将为您提供帮助。