GWS Gourmet Healthy Food

At GWS, we believe in “Making Healthy Food Taste Great!”. Each sous vide ready-to-eat pack, designed by the GWS Executive Chef, is clearly labelled with the carbohydrate, calorie, fat and protein content, all precisely calculated by a dietician. You can now enjoy a tasty, healthy and guilt-free meal in minutes! GWS provides seven-, 14- or 21-day diet meal plans to cater the needs of fitness enthusiasts or busy executives who are looking to gain muscle, lose fat, or focus on their health. Healthy lunch and dinner bento sets are available too! Place your order now and we'll deliver to your door step! Last but not least, GWS offers a spacious venue space that accommodates up to 30 pax, suitable for hosting private parties or company events!

GWS Gourmet Healthy Food 是由专业食疗师与资深厨师所组成的团队。GWS「舒肥 x 低溫」推出的料理包都经由专业食疗师以精准计算后个别标签食物内碳水化合物,卡路里,脂肪与蛋白质的摄取含量。只需要少于5分钟加热,即可享用美味健康且无负担的一餐。 GWS团队也备有精心规划的营养套餐(分别为7/14/21天),此套餐适合于增肌减脂的健身爱好者,或是注重健康质量却工作繁忙的现代人。现在GWS也应顾客需求准备了超值的健康午餐及晚餐配套,快向GWS了解详情和预订吧! GWS现有出租可容纳30人的小型活动场地,适用于任何公司会议或举办讲座等团体活动。