Han She 寒舍

Han She Kitchen from Perling, Johor Bahru, now has a second outlet in Eco Business Park. Here, we continue to uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction as well as our quest to continuously improve our food in terms of quality and innovativeness. The signature favourites at Han She are the Braised Pork Rice and Lao Huo Soup. We also offer a variety of Tang Shui, Taiwanese Food, Chinese Food and more!

“寒舍”一间坐落在新山柏林的餐厅,以-以客为主-的概念维持至今;不只"以客为主",餐厅也以"创新"不间断的研究、提升菜色让不同口味的顾客都可在“寒舍”找到属于自己的美食。 本餐厅以“卤肉饭·老火汤”为主打,打出了在餐饮业里的小小知名度,另外餐厅也提供了不同的饮料、糖水、港台甜品配合丰盛的菜色!