Jun Wong Make Up & Flomance Florist

Jun Wong Makeup & Flomance Florist is a combination of makeup studio and flower shop, which brings the whole new experience. Discover how just a slightly different look can change your personality for the better. Jun Wong Makeup not only creates a charming mask for you but also builds your self-confidence.

Jun Wong Make Up & Flomance Florist 是一间结合了美妆和花店的工作室。花卉和美妆的搭配带给大家不同的感受。妆容上些微的不同,不仅能改变容貌美丑, 也能改变个人气质。Jun Wong Makup 不仅在人们面前为您建立了迷人的面具, 而且还增强了自信。