Lucky Home Collection 宏承軒

At Lucky Home Collection, we adhere strictly to our code of ethics and integrity concerning the trading of well-made oriental masterpieces at a fair price. Be it a restored classic or new item, we hold dear our motto of YOUR COLLECTIONS ARE YOUR LEGACY. Every masterpiece, with proper care and normal condition, is meant to last for generations. Lao Di Fang combines Chinese cuisine with various local Malaysian cuisines, and uses natural edible plants as raw materials to cook excellent, delicious, and tasteful dishes. When cooking, it requires natural color, delicious taste, diverse shapes, and sophisticated utensils.

宏承軒視宣揚推廣東方傳統藝術為己任。老實用心專營品質優異之修復老家具及仿古佳作,或有老木新修、或有罕見老物、或有全新優品,絕對童叟無欺。為保寶號之名,不售次等之品。如我店之標語:您的收藏,既是您的傳承。 老地方以中国菜肴结合马来西亚本地各类美食,取以天然可食植物为原料,烹调出色、鲜香、味型具佳的菜系菜品。在烹调时要求色自然、味鲜美、形多样、器精良。