Oak Garden Dine & Bar

Oak Garden Dine & Bar serves authentic Northern Indian and Western cuisine, making it a welcoming new place for gatherings. Oak Garden also serves special vegetarian food, such as Karahi Paneer Indian, a vegetarian dish made with cottage cheese cooked with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and a blend of Indian spices.

厌倦了华人餐和马来餐? Oak Garden Dine&Bar餐厅提供正宗的美国北印度美食和西式美食,来为家庭聚会和朋友聚会探索一个全新的地方吧!Oak Garden还提供特殊的素食,例如Karahi Paneer Indian,这是一种用干酪做的素食佳肴,利用多种食材例如西红柿,洋葱,甜椒和印度香料等混合烹制而成。