Shinsho Ramen

Craving for Japanese Ramen? Welcome to Shinsho Ramen! Home of the Paitan Ramen! Shinsho Ramen is one of the famous japanese ramen restaurant in Johor. Here, the soul of each bowl of ramen is the soup, which has been simmered for 12 hours c to get the best flavours of the fresh ingredient. Strongly recommend for Charr-Grill Kurobuta Pork Ribs, one of the famous dishe in Shinsho Ramen.

汤头是一碗面的灵魂。 神将拉面的汤头以12个小时精心熬制而成, 无使用味精,再配上新鲜佐料,只为了带给大家最纯最香甜的味道。全新的环境,带给您最极致的享受, 新山区著名日式料理餐厅之一, 神将拉面恭候大家光临.