Ta Si Xi Dim Sum

Some say cooking is a unique reaction of heat and time. Mr Chong Chee Peng was already a sous chef and an expert in Western cuisine when he met a chef from Hong Kong who ignited his passion for Chinese cuisine. That was when his journey of discovery began. Mr Chong founded Ta Si Xi in 1995 and in 2015, the restaurant started serving dimsum in the morning and traditional Hong Kong cuisine in afternoon and night. Our biggest selling point is the fusion of Western and Chinese cuisine. This creative fusion will definitely make you coming back for more!

有人道:烹饪,是热能与时间交互的科学变化。 曾任凯悦副总厨的钟志平先生,有着丰厚的西餐教育奠基,一次的面食评鉴大会,因缘际会下与香港大厨结识,近而对中华料理感到浓厚兴趣。因此钟先生展开了不平凡的美食探索专研之旅。 对美食的热爱,1995年大四喜因此诞生了,从港式烧腊面家到港式传统点心,2015年记载着大四喜第三次重大转型,两时段的营业模式,早上提供港式经典点心,中午以及晚上为全新煮炒时段。 创办人中西式的美食熏陶下,大四喜煮炒时段最大特点在于,传统煮炒穿插中西玩味创意料理,让你望眼欲穿,停不下手。