Toy Q

Toy Q, an educational toyshop, is finally here in Eco Botanic! We are committed to bringing high quality and safe educational toys to help your little one learn through play. We carry well-known brands like Mideer, Mijoy, Robotime, etc. Our toys are suitable for ages 0+ until 14+.

透过游戏来学习?是的,您没看错。Toy Q 致力于推广让您的孩子透过游戏学习,让您知道玩具和游戏也能有教育用途。玩具和游戏也能让孩子学到不同的东西,并不是只会带来坏影响。 我们专注于提供质量优良,设计精美的益智玩具。 我们的玩具适合小婴儿乃至14岁+的少年,玩具品牌包括Mideer,Mijoy,Robotime等。