Wiitrac Elevator Showroom

Wiitrac Elevator is a one-stop elevator company. Our core and fundamental capabilities are sales, elevator installation, testing and commissioning, elevator maintenance, sheet metal fabrications, steel-based structural fabrications, and elevator parts machining. We also provide an extensive range of value-added services, including elevator solutions consultancy, site commissioning and design enhancement, that allows us to engage with different market segments ranging from residential end users to consultants, architect and developers.

Wiitrac Elevator Sdn Bhd是一站式的电梯公司,主要的服务范围有电梯安装,测试和试运作,电梯维修,更改金属结构,以及配件加工。除此之外,Wiitrac Elevator Sdn Bhd也提供客制化的服务,包括帮忙解决或提升电梯品质,提前帮忙顾客测试电梯品质,以及提升或更改电梯的设计。因此,Wiitrac Elevator Sdn Bhd的服务非常有利于广大的顾客群比如居家用户,咨询用途,建筑师/建筑用途,以及发展商。