Wonder Slim Slimming, Beauty Health

Wonder Slim is a beauty and care salon that aims to introduce more people efficient and healthy ways for loss weight and body care. There are several service packages or programmes to choose from based on your needs such as high technology OPT treatment, whitening treatment, wrinkle treatment, slimming treatment, etc. Customer can prebook or make appointments online at [].

Wonder Slim是一家美容与护理沙龙,并且在Eco Botanic中设立了新的分店,我们的目标是让更多的人知道有效, 正确及健康的减肥和身体护理方法。 现在也为顾客提供了网上预约服务,多种服务或疗程可以根据您的需要进行选择,例如高科技OPT疗法,美白处理,除皱处理,减肥配套等等。