Your Toast

Your Toast is a breakfast and brunch restaurant, serving a variety of homemade toast burgers, sandwiches, homemade wafers and traditional baked bread, as well as local dishes, such as mee siam and nasi lemak. In addition, there is a wide of selection of beverages, Nanyang-style coffee, milk tea, Milo and more. Make Your Toast your choice for a heart-warming and stomach-warming simple meal.

在YourToast豐味軒,您能尝试到种类丰富的早午餐选择。多种不同款式的自制吐司汉堡,三文治,自制威化饼与充满古早情怀的传统烘烤面包,还有本地美食 ,像是米暹与椰浆饭等等。另外,还有多种饮料选择,不管是南洋风味咖啡,还是香浓奶茶或是美禄,即暖心又暖胃,简单的一餐不过如此。