Premier Medica Clinic

Premier Medica Clinic in Eco Botanic offers a comprehensive range of services, including medical check-up, diagnosis and treatment of a range of illnesses, follow-up consultation for chronic illnesses, ECG, ultrasound, immunisation, dermatology, minor surgery as well as mild psychiatry. Dr Shoban Babu Ravana is the doctor-in-charge of the clinic. He has 21 years of primary care experience gained from work in both Malaysia and Singapore. He also holds a Diploma in Family Medicine from the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia.

位于EcoBotanic 的Premier Medica Clinic 提供多项医疗服务,其中包括身体检查、一系列疾病的诊断和治疗、慢性病的后续咨询、心电图、超声波、免疫接种、皮肤科等等医疗质询。 Dr Shoban Babu Ravana 是诊所的主治医生, 在新加波及马来西亚从事长达21的医疗及就诊事业中累计了丰富的医疗保健知识与经验。