Beans Avenue

Beans Avenue is a restaurant, serving healthy breakfasts and brunch such as poke bowl, don and dessert. Poke bowls are a popular Hawaiian dish, made with raw fish, rice and vegetables. Hot and cold elements are combined with raw and cooked proteins to create one absolutely mouth-watering meal. Don is a Japanese-style rice-bowl consisting of fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice.

一日之计在于晨,早餐是十分重要的。Beans Avenue为你提供多样化的早餐或早午餐的选择。健康饮食日益受到注重而 “Poke Bowl” 这类的轻食料理也逐渐开始流行。Poke Bowl源自于夏威夷,属于低脂健康的料理也算是盖饭的一种。而人们熟知的盖饭“ Don”, 则是源自于日本的盖浇饭。这两类餐点也是早午餐的不错选择,让你有饱足感的同时,摄取足够的营养。