Eco Pet Care

Eco Pet Care is the very first pet salon in Eco Botanic. We provide services such as Styling, Home Stay and Skin Therapy for cats, dogs and small animals. We are taking small steps to contribute to the positive wellbeing of our pet community by offering earth-friendly alternatives. Our professional styling crew has been in the grooming business for many years. Make an appointment and bring your pet in for an assessment. Let’s work together to care for your fur family.

人类与宠物之间的情感常被誉为是这个世界上最为单纯与直接的爱。Eco PetCare宠物美容院入驻Eco Botanic City无疑是为毛小孩和主人带来好消息!除了提供给基本的专业美发护理,也提供日间托管及酒店寄宿的服务。让Eco Petcare经验丰富的宠物护理师为你的毛小孩服务吧!