Gravity Fitness

Gravity Fitness is one of the top certified boutique personal training centres in Johor. With a complete gym equipment as well professional trainers, we are well-equipped to offer a variety of programmes such as 30 Days Weight Loss, Xpress Body Toning, Muscle Building and Relaxing Wellness. Don’t just fantasise about being fit, make it happen with an effective fitness plan that will build up your self-confidence as you acquire a healthier body.

梦想只会是妄想,除非你开始有所行动,就好比塑身/瘦身,必须要有所行动才会看到效果。Gravity Fitness是拥有多名持有健身专业资格证的教练的一所专业健身中心。拥有专业教练的指导让你们瘦身减脂的计划事半功倍。 除了瘦身, GravityFitness也提供了一系列的健身课程, 例如快塑身课程,肌肉锻炼课程及减压舒缓肌肉课程。