The Gellee

The Gellee is a Korean dessert café where you can chill while enjoying the tasty Korean style desserts. With no pork, no lard, and no alcohol in our dishes, everyone can get into the new trend of Korean snacks at The Gellee. We serve famous Korean snacks like mozzarella hotdog and marshmallow croiffle, so escape the stresses of the work day with a buddy and lose yourselves in our array of coffees, waffles, hotdogs, desserts and more.

The Gellee 是一家深受喜爱的韩式小吃店。一个全新的韩式小吃店让你尝试到各式的流行韩式街边小吃,也是一个能让你和家人盆友度过悠闲下午的好去处。想到韩式街边小吃,就会想到韩式炸热狗和华夫饼,在热腾腾的炸热狗上配上酸酸甜甜的番茄酱或者咸咸香香的蛋黄酱,绝对会让你念念不忘。