Rueys Tea

Rueys Tea is a bubble tea shop established in Malaysia. "Ru ey" means blessing in Chinese, and it is our wish for all our customers. Everyone deserves their favourite tea to start their day, so have you had your Rueys today? GSP Roasted Milk Tea, Tarzan Orea N Oak, Roasted Lemon Tea and Chocolate Orea Chip are some of the delicious beverages that we strongly recommend. Get a cup of Rueys Tea and start your day with love and laughter!

如意,是成立于马来西亚的奶茶店。取字为‘如意’是希望能为每一个享用饮料的大家能收到来自我们的祝福。秉持着用心泡好每一杯饮料, 每一杯的奶茶,所有果茶和热饮的原料品质和用量都受到严格把控。 如意拥有多种饮料可供选着和如意小吃搭配,例如炭烤乌龙奶茶, 布丁奶茶,百香芦荟果茶和焦糖咖啡,可以在繁忙的午后充当下午茶饮料和点心。