We Play

At We Play, we have everything you need to organise the perfect event, whether it is a meeting, party or even a live performance. Just book our venue and take advantage of our menu of party entertainment services. For example, for a kid’s party, we can provide a safe, shoeless space with blackboard and whiteboard walls. Just tell us what you need.

We Play 立志于为大家提供一个宽敞又安全的活动场地。WePlay除了宽敞的活动场地,也提供表演及活动设备,例如全墙的白板及黑板可供主办负责人使用, 儿童座椅也可以提供给租借场地为孩子们庆生时使用。We Play也希望能让大家透过活动或者课程学习到如何跟其他人互动交流或者学习到更多的东西。大面积的镜面也能让大家有能住借场地做瑜伽运动, 基本的桌椅和投影机能让大家或慈善组织租借场地举办课程,例如急救课程。