Ah Ma Teochew Kuih

Ah Ma Teochew Kuih is a cafe and bakery that serves traditional Teochew kuih. Ah Ma means Grandmother in Teochew. Ah Ma Teochew Kuih originated as a small stall in Kuala Sangga in the 1990s. The very first Ah Ma Teochew Kuih cafe is located at Jalan Trus, and now, a second branch has opened in Eco Botanic. All our Teochew pastries are handmade in order to maintain the original traditional taste. Come check out our menu which has over 20 types of traditional pastry and main dishes, such as Fried Yamcake, Teochew Rice Kuih, Gula Melaka Steam Cake, Chai Kuih, Porridge with six side dishes, Curry Mee, Asam Pedas Fish with rice and many more.

阿嬷潮州糕是一家潮州传统糕点专卖店。秉持着用手工制作传统糕点来保持及传承原本的味道,让你们尝到小时候的传统味道。阿嬷潮州糕全以天然色素制作,无添加防腐剂让大人小孩都能安心食用。在2020年开设了第一间cafe,为迎合现代消费模式也增设了网上订购外送服务。各式各样的糕点种类及主食能随意搭配选择,例如芋头糕,桃粿,韭菜菜粿, 潮州粥点,鲜蛤炒粿条等等。