Yellow Bake Day

Yellow Bake Day started as a home-based bakery shop in Johor Bahru, and now we have moved to Eco Botanic City. All cake and pastry orders are freshly baked on the same day, with 100% natural ingredients and without preservatives to ensure the quality of cake and pastries. Our signature cakes include Lychee Rose Tea Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake and Earl Grey Tea Cake. You can customise gift boxes with various types of cupcake, swiss roll and tart. Please place your orders for betrothal gift box, birthday party or full moon gift box at least 3 days in advance.

Yellow Bake Day 是一个于2018年的12月开始经营的线上蛋糕店,而它现已置店于EcoBotanicCity。多样化的蛋糕盒和品任君选择。除了蛋糕,Yellow Bake Day 也提供节日客制化礼盒订单服务,例如满月礼盒、中秋礼盒、婚礼礼盒、圣诞礼盒,只需要提前下单预订!为了让您吃到可口又健康的蛋糕,Yellow Bake Day采用天然的材料并且也不添加防腐剂,美味的蛋糕搭配诱人和精致的蛋糕设计,绝对会让你的味觉和视觉有全新的体验。