Polaris Bar

Polaris Bar serva a wide range of western food wine and whiskey. It's a perfect spot for food and alcohol enthusiast. Contact Polaris Bar today and experience birthdays, proposals, wedding anniversaries, wine tastings in a European-style wine bar! Polaris Bar provides a quiet private western dining space, having a small dining space and a main huge private room. The dishes are mainly western cuisine which include appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes, side dishes, desserts and finger food. The wine cellar of Polaris Bar has a variety of wines with a professional sommelier who can surely recommend the most suitable wine for your taste buds. Reserve today at Polaris Bar at Eco Botanic and enjoy a night of wines and culinary greatness

想要享受美食搭配上微醺的感觉吗?请来到Polaris Bar!Polaris酒吧就是美食和品酒爱好者的最佳去处。马上与Polaris Bar联系,体验在充满欧式风格的红酒吧里庆祝生日、求婚约会、结婚纪念日、品酒会! Polaris Bar 提供一个安静舒适的私人用餐空间,而餐点以西餐为主,包括开胃菜、沙拉、汤品、主菜、配菜及甜点。 Polaris Bar 的酒窖拥有多种葡萄酒,专业的侍酒师将为顾客推荐最适合的葡萄酒。立即在 Eco Botanic 的 Polaris 酒吧预订,与朋友家人享受一夜美酒佳肴吧!