Seven Oaks Bakery Café

Seven Oaks Bakery Café specialises in croissants and pastries, as well as artisanal cakes, like Salmon Nor Taco, matcha croissants, Creamy Curry Pasta and many more. Established in 2015, Seven Oaks has grown to become one the favourite spots in Johor Bahru for our fresh daily bakes, everyday brunch, as well as gatherings as events. With creativity and passion, Seven Oaks Café strives to deliver a unique cafe experience that brings friends and family together, and all races and religions. The food served at Seven Oaks is strictly pork-free and lard-free, and only from halal-certified suppliers.

Seven Oaks Bakery Café 主要餐点是羊角面包,糕点,以及手工蛋糕。 Seven Oaks 成立于 2015 年,现已发展成为新山最受欢迎的新鲜烘焙坊,甚至于每日早午餐及家人朋友聚会等的热门地点之一。 Seven Oak 致力于提供独特的咖啡馆体验,将朋友和家人以不限种族和信仰的信念聚集在一起共享美味餐食。