The Paw Hub

Did you know that there is a supermarket for pets? The Paw Hub is a premium pet lifestyle store that provides an extensive range of natural food supplies and premium lifestyle services for pets. The services offered at The Paw Hub include the pet hotel, so while you plan a vacation for yourself, you can also plan a vacation for your pet too.

The Paw Hub 是一件宠物用品专卖店,属于专门为毛小孩打造的超市。The Paw Hub 为宠物提供多种的天然食品种类和宠物修容服务。 The Paw Hub 提供的服务包括宠物寄宿服务,因此你在为自己计划外游的同时,也可以为你的毛小孩制定一个假期生活计划。