Panda Mandarin Academy

Pandarin Academy was established in 2020 to provide Mandarin learning services for adults and children. Our staff of high-quality teachers teach spoken Mandarin to both students and professionals. At the same time, Pandarin Academy introduced the Chinese primary school Chinese class to Malaysia, providing primary students studying in international schools at Malaysia with Chinese classes, so that we can help children keep up with their mother tongue and culture while enjoying the international school experience.

Pandarin Academy 成立于 2020 年,主要为成人和儿童提供中文课程。 专业和优秀的的教师团队向各年龄成的学生提供不同程度的教学课程。 Pandarin Academy将低年组中文课程引入马来西亚,为在国际学校就读的小学生提供中文班,让孩子们在享受国际学校体验的同时,掌握中文和了解其中文化。