Black Ball

BlackBall was founded by Mr Tang, an accomplished tour guide and dessert connoisseur in Taiwan, who traveled far and wide to taste the best. BlackBall was given its special name from the main ingredient, 'Xian Cao' – the 'black' jelly goodness – and the yam balls in Mr Tang’s dessert creations. The first BlackBall outlet opened in Taipei in 2006, because he strongly believed in Xian Cao's health benefits and the great taste of his delicious creations. BlackBall Signature, Sesame Soya Delight, Melon Jade Jelly and Mix & Match combination.

Black Ball 是来之台湾的台湾甜品店。黑丸嫩仙草品牌是于2006年诞生于台湾台北市,其以制作正宗关西仙草闻名,采用獨家秘方及傳統熬煮方法。芋丸,地瓜丸,仙草,布丁,爱玉,红豆种种的配料随着个人喜好的搭配,可以创造出属于你自己的味道。炎热的天气来上一碗冰冰凉凉的黑丸嫩仙草是一种享受。