Fish Club

The Fish Club is created by a group of close friends and family who come from a long line of fishermen and fishmongers based in Pontian. The mission of Fish Club is to encourage and enable fresh food producers to produce the cleanest, safest and highest quality food, and to give consumers peace of mind when it comes to their fresh food supply. Pontian is well known for fresh and affordable seafood. Shorter fishing trips means that the fishermen’s catch doesn’t have to stay unfrozen for long before it gets to us and hence, FRESHER seafood!

Fish Club 一间有别于传统的海产直销店,由一群来自笨珍的好友所创建的。笨珍以新鲜实惠的海鲜而闻名。 Fish Club 坚持提供最新鲜海鲜食品,与笨珍渔民的直接合作缩短了渔获到店里售卖的过程并确保了海鲜的品质,让海鲜处于最新鲜的状态被顾客选购。Fish Club也注重海鲜运输过程的新鲜度和卫生以确保消费者可以放心购买。