Pet Homie

Do you know how often should you bathe your dog or cat? Your pet needs to be bathed but bathing too often can be detrimental because it can irritate the skin, damage hair follicles, and increase the risk of bacterial or fungal infections. So why not let the professional groomers at Pet Homie, a professional pet grooming salon in Eco Botanic, take care of it. Pet Homie offers basic and full grooming for dogs, including bath and blow-dry, combing, fur trimming. Other services include nail trimming, ear cleaning, tick and flea control.

Pet Homie 是一家专业的宠物美容院。你知道宠物应该多久洗一次澡吗?频繁地为宠物洗澡可能是有害的,因为它会刺激皮肤、损坏毛囊并增加细菌或真菌感染的风险。 让Pet Homie的专业宠物美容师来为狗狗提供基本和全面的美容服务,服务包括沐浴和吹干、梳理、修剪毛皮等等。 其他服务包括修剪指甲、耳朵清洁、去除蜱虫和跳蚤服务。