Dr Jos Workshop

Dr Jos Workshop is a retail boutique and workshop space in one concept store. Specialising in artisan creations, they are delighted to bring you an array of beautifully handcrafted products that are sure to brighten your day! During the pandemic, Dr Jos Workshop set up an online presence so that you can connect with them directly for enquiries and orders.

Dr Jos Workshop 是一家精致饰品作坊。 专注于独一无二的手工制作,为顾客带来一系列精美的手工产品, 其中包括耳环,钥匙扣,手链,手机挂饰,发饰等等的饰品。 Dr Jos Workshop 的官网让你能够更方便的查询和订购,玲琅满目的饰品绝对能满你的需求。