IDO'S Clinic

Reawaken your youthfulness by entering the gateway to natural beauty through modern science. Ido's is a fusion of science and beauty with state-of-the-art medical technologies and clinically-proven skin care to provide the most revolutionary, holistic and effective aesthetic treatments. Ido’s Clinic is now open a new branch in Eco Botanic City. Visit Ido's to discover the new era of skincare and experience not just another spa that promises more than they can deliver. Ido's represents a truly new paradigm of skincare experience.

IDO’S Clinic 是一家国际专业医学美容诊所,提供优质的医学美容、激光和微整形服务。IDO’S Clinic激光与微整形诊所自承办以来,坚守着无副作用、无修养期和价格实惠,持续提供多种经医学鉴定的美容治疗。Ido's Clinic 拥有一组专业及拥有合法执照的医学精英,为你提供有效的安全的激光除斑、嫩肤、抗老、脸部雕塑、去除皱纹、无开刀拉皮、淡化粉刺与痘疤、美体及育发多种定制式疗程。迄今已分布于吉隆坡、柔佛和槟城,并在印尼也设有分店。