Tooth Story Dental Clinic

Why “Tooth Story”? We believe, all parts of our body are interconnected, including our teeth. Therefore, we committed ourselves to using a holistic dental treatment approach to treat patients. Holistic dental care does not just help to treat dental disease, it also attempts to address other dental-related illnesses so that patients can enjoy greater benefit from the dental treatment. Better health will help us to live better, perform better and hence have better life "story". Everyone deserves a better Tooth Story.

从幼儿时期开始,不同的的牙齿代表了每个人不同的成长时期,Tooth Story Dental Clinic 坚信每一颗牙齿都拥有自己的故事。Tooth Story Dental Clinic 是一家位于Eco Botanic City的专业牙科诊所。Tooth Story 致力于使用整体牙科治疗方法来为患者提供治疗。 整体牙齿和口腔护理不仅有助于治疗牙科疾病,也能预防其他与牙科相关的疾病。