Dropper Talk

A new essential oil experience hall in Eco Botanic City, Dropper Talk promotes high-quality essential oil products, and brings the aromatherapy of natural herbs to life. Each essential oil comes with different benefits, e.g., lavender can be using for peace and calming at bedtime, lemon can be using for air purification during relaxation time, while rosemary can be used during study time. Essential oil products play a role in complementary health care and can be used to support medical treatments. At Dropper Talk, a professional aromatherapist will be on hand to introduce suitable essential oils.

Dropper Talk 是一家坐落于Eco Botanic City的 全新精油体验馆。Dropper Talk旨在推广高品质精油产品,将天然草本香薰带入生活。 每种精油都有不同的好处,例如,薰衣草可以在睡前用于平静和镇静,柠檬可以在放松时间用于净化空气,而迷迭香可以在学习时间使用, 而且还有辅佐治疗了的作用。亲临Dropper Talk 了解更多香薰和精油的作用吧!