Nhance Studio

Nhance Studio specialises in all-round training including pre-training mobility, resistance/movement training, and post-workout recovery programs. The programs at Nhance Studio are based on the idea of pain-free movement in any kind of sports/activities to ensure an uninterrupted active lifestyle. People who find that a sports injury is affecting their daily life will benefit from our recovery program. Learn how to move your body in a safe and controlled manner. Nhance Studio also provides a personal training space with highly qualified trainers with more than six years of experience in the largest gyms in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Nhance Studio 是一家全新的健身房,主要专注于全方位训练。 Nhance Studio 提倡标准正确的运动及锻炼方式,进而提高整体的肌肉运动机能。大多数人都有不同程度的运动损伤而不自知,长久以往的累积可能导致生活受到影响,而Nhance Studio拥有专业教练为每一个人量身打造符合自身状况的运动计划或者康复计划,让合适的健身计划为每一个人打造全新的自己。