ZUS Coffee

A life full of taste can be just that simple. ZUS Coffee was founded to encourage coffee drinking as a way of life. Specialty coffee is seen as a treat that’s inherently expensive. Zus Coffee wants to subvert that expectation by making it accessible to all. ZUS Coffee is a cup of clean, consistent and well-handled coffee. With the best quality ingredients, high-level coffee brewing technology, and innovative business model, we’re evolving the concept of coffee consumption to make specialty coffee affordable for everyone, every day. ZUS Coffee is always a Necessity, not a Luxury.

ZUS Coffee 最初的创建就是为了让品尝和享受咖啡成为其中一种生活方式。精品咖啡本质上一直都被视为一种奢侈的生活享受。 Zus Coffee 希望通过让所有人都能接触到它来颠覆这种观念, 让喝咖啡是一种最简单的享受。 优质的咖啡豆、高水平的咖啡冲泡技术和创新的商业模式,打造了现在的Zus Coffee。让品尝咖啡变得更生活化,把咖啡的精致带入生活中。 咖啡可以是必需品,而不再是奢侈品。