Think skin care, think Sothys! Sothys provides you with a comfortable and elegant environment, professional service and quality skincare products from head to toe. Besides, Sothys also provide ovary care therapy which is a specialized massage technique, Oxyfuse Oxygen treatment which uses the powers of oxygen to hydrate, calm and clean problematic skin, and Cryolipolysis Slimming Treatment which uses combination of our signature sliming massage techniques.

Sothys是一所专业的护肤中心。 Sothys将为每一个到来的顾客提供从内到外最舒适优雅的环境、专业的服务和优质的护肤品。 此外,Sothys 还提供卵巢护理疗法,这是一种专业的按摩技术。Oxyfuse Oxygen 疗法利用氧气的力量来滋润、镇静和清洁有受损皮肤。除此之外,Sothys也提供冷冻溶脂纤体疗法,这项疗法结合Sothys独特的的纤体按摩技术,为顾客提供另外一种瘦身疗法。