Fluffy Fairy Pet House

Fluffy Fairy Pet House is a new pet grooming store in Eco Botanic City. Fluffy Fairy offers premium cat grooming services to pet owners who want to keep their pets feeling and looking great. Their cat grooming package includes nail cutting, paw hair trimming, bath, ear cleaning, degreasing, and hair treatment. They also provide cat boarding services for owners with busy schedules.

Fluffy Fairy 是全新猫咪宠物店!Fluffy Fairy 为你提供一站式猫咪所需包括护理,饮食,寄宿,药品,用具,营养补充!与其云吸猫,不如试养猫, 欢迎来到Flurry Fairy认识更多不同品种的猫咪,寻找与你有缘的小猫咪, 加入撸猫一族。